Soon we will have a new name and brand for Centro Roselands…
We want people to “love our local shopping” and believe our Centre should reflect its local community and what is important to the people who live, work and shop in our locality.  
Changing the name and brand of our Centre is just one way of saying ‘thanks’ to our community for continuing to visit and shop right here at Centro Roselands.
Our Centre is your Centre.
Your Community is our Community.
We’re working really hard to minimise any disruptions to your local shopping experience, but you may notice some activity as we replace our signage across the Centre. We appreciate your patience as we evolve.
When we’re done, you will see how fresh, vibrant and fun our new brand is and we hope you will be as excited about the changes to your Centre as we are!
Commonly asked questions
1.     Why is the Centre changing its name?
We want our Centres to play a pivotal role in their communities. By renaming our Centre, we are, in a sense, “giving it back” to the community. It also represents our renewed commitment to our local community and our shoppers who visit, meet and enjoy their local centre on a regular basis.
2.     What is the benefit of the rebrand?
We aspire to be a ‘hub’ for the communities we serve. We strive to provide a safe and enjoyable meeting place through our retail centres and make a positive contribution to the communities where we operate. As well as generating jobs and economic activity, your centre continues to run a variety of community-based projects, such as displays, activities, parades and social events. These projects are happening all year round and can provide financial and social benefits to local communities and charities.
We will be working continuously to improve and build on our existing relations, continue to embrace the unique community we serve and look for opportunities to make your shopping experience, an even better one.
3.     Who is Federation Centres?
In January 2013, Centro Retail Australia rebranded to Federation Centres. Federation Centres is the owner and/or operator of this Centre. Federation Centres (ASX: FDC) is a fully vertically integrated Australian Real Estate Investment Trust (A-REIT) specialising in the ownership and management of Australian shopping centres. For more information, we invite you to visit the Federation Centres website at www.federationcentres.com.au.
If you have any questions about this exciting change we invite you to contact your Centre Management team.

Roselands Drive Roselands NSW 2196 |  Ph: 02 9784 5400